Full life-cycle software development from formal requirements gathering and management through design, development and formal acceptance testing to support, technical & user documentation and change tracking. Environments include fast, agile, rapid-turnaround projects for demonstrators and rigorous mission-critical projects for spacecraft and military equipment.

Design and architecture roles from office-automation systems and camel-management through design authority for new satellite control systems to consulting architect for the teeth end of federated military information systems

Project Management and semi-independent Team Leader roles in a variety of projects from mission-critical to research & development, with the usual effort tracking, risk assessment and monitoring, quality control, acceptance testing, etc. Therefore skills to engage sympathetically with project and programme managers when developing, designing and architecting.

Wide variety of programming techniques, languages, algorithms, networks, operating systems, dynamic data structures and applications, applied to a number of business and technical solutions:

Languages: Java/Swing/Eclipse/XML (10+ yrs), BML [SAX] (4 yrs), C++ (2 yrs), C/FORTRAN 77 (3 yrs), Borland Pascal (6+ yrs), BASIC (4+ yrs), HTML (6 yrs), SQL-Server (2 yrs), some COBOL, 16/32 bit assembler, 8-bit m/code.

Domains: Military (DOORS, MODAF, Enterprise Architect), Satellite Control Systems, Office Automation, Academic Research 

Techniques: Service Oriented Architectures for both web-based grid service collaborations and tactical 'disadvantaged network' environments (10 yrs). Object Oriented Design & Implementation (15+ yrs), using various Design Patterns (9+ yrs) and UML. Event-driven architectures including multi-threaded Swing displays. Jackson's Structured Programming. Multi-threaded, mission critical applications, and multi-user databases.

Platforms Developed for: Java (Windows, Linux, Apache/Tomcat), Windows NT, VAX/Alpha (Open VMS v7, Motif/X-Windows), Unix (Suse/Mandrake Linux).

Networks: TCP/IP, 'Web Services', RS-232/X-25, Ethernet