Publications & Presentations:

Why are they shooting at my pickup? (Hill, 2013) Approaches to uncertain provenance in reports. Presented at ITEC 2013.


Life and Death Decisions using Sparse Unreliable Evidence (Hill, Salt, 2010) Outline description paper on information management/exploitation in fighting tactical environments. Presented at ECIME 2010. Commentary


Distributed Working Pictures (Hill, Salt, 2011) Why and how we (should) use distributed operations pictures, rather than 'single pictures of the truth' or broad 'common operating pictures.' Presented at ECIME 2011. Commentary


An Evidence-based Approach to Literature Review (Hidalgo Landa, Szabo, Le Brun, Owen, Fletcher, Hill, 2010) Examines a method for systematically discovering papers. Published in EJISE 2011. Commentary